My original plan was to leave the city for the whole winter to escape the snow. Instead its been steadily between 40-60 throughout the entirety of January and February.

Hunt pushes down 6th ave

I couch surf for most of January in Greenpoint

My room

Kaya Wilkins

Merlin got a job at La Colombe

Spent a disproportionate amount of time in China town enjoying bubbre tea

Mandatory weekend boozing

After missing me so much from our Central American honeymoon Tucker made the move to the big city

Dela got his hair did

Solveig continues to look good


Kari Garza poses for me while smoking the pipe outside of the corner store


Bk practiced his smile in front of the mirror for years.

Woods came out of hiding in NJ to meet me for lunch

Rob Campbell in lower Manhattan

February comes and I move back into Dobbin ST

Kos kos and I reunite and he continues his tradition of vomiting in the corner of my room.

Keem shows off his injury.