Daniel resides in Brooklyn, NY, where he works as a freelance illustrator and photographer. He has worked for a wide range of clients that include Adidas, Obey, Faesthetic, Under Armour, Threadless, Graniph, Beautiful Decay, Semi-Permanent, IBM, Converse, Circa, ES, Zoo York, 5Boro, Dakine, and Original Penguin.

Early in his life Daniel developed a strong passion for skateboarding and travel. In 2007, while traveling in Thailand, he began documenting his experiences abroad by writing a travel journal that included detailed ink drawings and 35mm photographs. The people he met became the co-authors of his journals and inseparable elements of his creative work. His travel writings, photographs, and drawings have been featured in many online and printed publications, including National Geographic, Fast Company, Lomography, PDN, CNN, Yahoo, Hypebeast, 12ozProphet, Desillusion Magazine, 43 magazine, Ancestry Quarterly, AOL, and Feature Shoot. Daniel is a contributor to the Leica Camera Blog and a cofounder of Steady Magazine. For Inquiries regarding photo or illustration please contact

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